About Us - Formation of The Association

Whereas the ethnic conflict in Srilanka and the political instability caused the inhibitants of Veemankamam North like the rest of their compatriots to migrate from their home village to other parts of Srilanka or abroad.

Since the occurance of events giving rise to hope for a peaceful settlement of the above ethnic conflict the ex-patriots of Veemankamam North have felt responsibility towards their home village and have gathered together in Paris on the 19th of May 2002 to form an Association for the purpose of providing assistance to the people of North Veemankamam and their institutions and to bring together their kith and kin who are scattered all over the globe under one forum.

Objectives of IAPOV

1.To raise funds and to support various religious,educational,employment,economical and welfare needs of People of Veemankamam North,Tellipallai,Srilanka.

2.To support Establishments such as Gurunthady Rajarajeswary Amman Temple also known as Tellipallai East Gurunthady Rajarajeswary Amman Temple,Veemankamam North Valipar Munnetta Kalagam (Progressive Association for the Youth of Veemankamam north,Tellipallai) and Gandi Samuga Seva Sangam (Gandhi Society for social Services).

3.To encourage and establish institutions with objectives 1 & 2 above inside and outside of Srilanka and to liaise with them.

4.To foster welfare and common understanding and to create fellowship among the people of Veemankamam North both inside and outside of Srilanka.

5.To act as a forum for the development of oppertunities to exchange information and for the faciliation of culture and intellectual development of people of Veemankama North both inside and outside Srilanka.

Donation Requested

Please help us to help the Displaced People of Veemankamam North Tellippalai Srilanka - WHOM WE HAVE LEFT BEHIND AND WHO CANNOT TURN TO ANYBODY OTHER THAN US FOR HELP